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Karate Budo
André Pint – 5th dan JKA

For over 30 years, André Pint directs the karate club of 2 Haine founded in 1968 by Raymond Honoré.

Until 1993, he had the privilege to follow the teachings of Satoshi Myazaki Shihan (8th Dan JKA). Then he continued to perfect his art within the JKA Belgium under the direction of Sergio Gneo Flèche (7th dan JKA) and Kazuhiro Sawada Flèche (7th dan JKA).

With an unwavering passion, he has trained hundreds of karateka and leads some of them to conquest many national podium.

For over 20 years, he has refereed numerous national competitions within the JKA Belgium.

Today, he continues to live his passion and he teaches with pleasure to the karate club 2 Haine under the direction of his son (Mickaël Pint - 3rd dan JKA) and with the help of some students (Vincent Cutaia and Pascal Tremerie).

André Pint karate JKA


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