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The book - Karate: more than the move

This book is a tool for martial artists, beginners or teachers who wish to deepen their courses. A lot of clear and synthetic information in order to understand the essence of karate.

Various topics are covered such as:

- physical principles relevant to the understanding of the moves,

- the secrets of sensitive and vital points,

- strategies of combat,

- decryption keys of kata,

- physiological principles for a good physical preparation,

- the relationships between Zen and karate,

- and more …

Comments on the book

"... Dr Murgo's work is special, because he has developed a different, innovative vision. It is, I think, the first time that a work of this quality has been written in Belgium. As the title implies, the book is not limited to a technical approach. No doubt influenced by his profession and analytical mind, Dr Murgo simply and clearly introduces the basics of this martial art, its origins, movements and key features". S. Gnéo, 7th Dan JKA, technical director JKA Belgium, Technical secretary JKA Europe.

"The author explains the relationship between karate and zen philosophy, and how to move from martial exercise to physical and mental well-being. It is a work for improving the physical and mental state as well as good manners, and it is directed towards educating young people. These are the reasons why I think the book will undoubtedly help to train real little samurai for our modern times". K. Sawada, 7th Dan JKA, national instructor at JKA Belgium.

It is possible to order the book "Karate: more than the move" on the website of Budo editions, but also on Amazon, Fnac, ...

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