Karaté - Budo

Eléments essentiels à la compréhension du karaté

Karate Budo
Karate and emptiness

Emptiness in the Buddhist sense is undoubtedly the essential link between karate and Zen. Here are some reflections and ideas about this notion of emptiness.



Mu means “nothingness”, an idea that is linked to emptiness (Ku/kara). In Zen philosophy, nothingness is considered to be the origin of all things, in the same way that everything is possible when there is a blank page.


Quote from Gichin Funakoshi:

“Just as the smooth surface of a mirror reflects what is before it,
And just as a quiet valley echoes a sound,
So the karateka must achieve inner emptiness (banishing selfishness and malice) so that he can act appropriately to everything that might appear before him.

This is what is meant by kara or emptiness in karate”.


Quote from Nakayama Masatoshi:

Karate-do is a martial art using bare hands that is practised in a state of inner emptiness and stillness of the mind”.
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