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Welcome to the webite: www.karate-budo.be.

This site is a summary of learning accumulated through courses and reading. It does not replace but complete the lessons given in a dojo.

In Japanese fencing, Shu Ha Ri represents the three phases designed to lead to mastery of the art:
— Shu is the first phase, in which we learn through patient obedience;
— Ha is the second step, in which we endeavour to understand the system;
— Ri, the third phase, consists of mastering the art and separating from the system.

The aim of these pages is situated at the level of Ha: understanding the essence of karate and its principles. To achieve this, we will examine the martial art from different perspectives:

• History
• Physical principles useful for understanding the move
• Fighting Strategies
• Katas decryption
• Physiological principles for a good physical preparation
• Anatomy of sensitive points
• Zen philosophy, etc.

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